Monday, March 7, 2011

Potato Salad and Hot Dogs

Today since I was having a bad day I decided I wanted some comfort food. I know it's not as healthy as some of my meals but I still tried to do things to make it healthier than it otherwise would have been. On the menu today Potato Salad and hot dogs.

First I made the sauce for the potato salad
1 cup of Mayo
1 TBSP each of yellow mustard and stone ground mustard
1tsp dill
1TBSP celery salt
2 whole baby pickles
2 TBSP pickle juice
1 clove of garlic
dash of black pepper
1 tsp salt

I just buzzed up all the above ingredients in my magic bullet and walla yummy potato salad dressing.

I cut potatoes up into bit sized pieces and boiled them for about 15 minutes in salt water.

I wanted a little crunch added to the salad so I diced up some celery and onion very small

then mixed it all together... The potatoes were still slightly warm and it was tangy and creamy. Good stuff!

I wanted a hot dog but most hot dogs are loaded with fat. for just one beef hot dog you are usually eating about 16 grams of fat. I didn't want to go with fat free because then I loose all flavor. Just lower fat. I found some Oscar Myer Turkey smoked sausage that had only 5 grams of fat per serving. The serving size was one 7th of the package but I split it into 6 instead of 7 so lets just say it had 6 grams of fat per serving. Still way better than your average hot dog.

a satisfying lunch.
I had a tangerine for dessert. It was the perfect sweet ending to the meal :)

What I would do different next time: I would have used a whole wheat hot dog bun but I didn't have any. It would have added fiber and good flavor. I also would have used reduced fat mayo but since I still have full fat mayo left from before we started trying to loose weight I'm going to use it up.

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