Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cream Cheese Quesadilla with Strawberries

I wanted something for breakfast besides the normal bowl of cold cereal. I wanted something warm, something sweet. This week at the market they had boxes of strawberries that were only $1.33 a box. This brought to mind images of strawberry cheesecake. Since strawberry cheesecake would probably not be the best way to start off the day I came up with my own weight loss friendly version.

 I started with a whole wheat tortilla because who couldn't use some extra fiber in their diet, and why not? The are delicious! I then spread some low fat cream cheese on half of the tortilla and sprinkled some brown sugar on top of that.

Then I folder the tortilla in half and popped it into my George Foreman Grill. The best part about using this to make a quesadilla is that I don't even need any cooking spray, so no added fat and it always makes them warm and gooey on the inside and crunchy and brown on the outside.

I cut some strawberries up and took the quesadilla out when it was toasted to my liking.

A thing of beauty :)
Warm, creamy, crunchy quesadilla, crisp, sweet strawberries
Definitely satisfied my craving :)


What I might change next time: The brown sugar melted as soon as the grill heated up and kind of seeped out the sides, next time I will mix it into the cream cheese before spreading it.

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