Monday, May 16, 2011

Kale Chips

I've been needing a healthy salty crunchy snack and saw someone online post about making Kale chips so I looked into it and decided that I must try it!

This is the recipe I used as a template. First I filled my sink with cool water and soaked my two bunches of kale for about ten minutes, then I made sure each leaf was clean by rubbing them under the water with my hand and making sure it was rinsed in between all the folds. I dried them with a few paper towels and then peeled the leaves off the stem. I put them into a big bowl, drizzled them with 1 TBSP olive oil and used my hands to massage in the oil and make sure they were coated well. The I laid them on a ookie sheet, in a single layer, and sprinkled them with season salt. I did not measure just eyeballed it.

The original recipe says to bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes but I found that by following that, the curly edges of the kale were getting crispy and browned too fast, and the middle flat part of the leaf was still soft and bitter (kale is bitter when raw but looses most/all of that when crisped up properly) so I turned the oven down to 300 degrees and baked them for 17-18 minutes and they were perfect. Crispy through and through.

One serving is about 1/4 of the final product. They shrink when they bake so it will be less than what you started with.

I loved them, Jeremy (my husband) loved them. My mom and dad loved them. I give them a standing ovation.

For some reason my 15 month old is currently avoiding most vegetables as if they were infested with the plague but he seemed to think these were great so if you have kids that you have a hard time getting veggies into you might want to try them ;)

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