Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chocolate Studded Marshmallows

Ok so here is a snack I made for a bonfire with friends and family coming up this weekend. When I heard smores I wanted to make home made marshmallows and graham crackers. I started with the marshmallows. I must admit this is not a very healthy snack but all things in moderation and a girls got to have fun sometimes right?

I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen because I have always had good luck every time I have made something from this amazing blog. The only thing I changed, I wanted to put the chocolate for the smore into the marshmallow. Because how amazing does it sound to have a roasted marshmallow with warm, gooey, oozy chocolate in it? Just squish it between two graham crackers and that's all you need!

What I did was make a double recipe poured half of the marshmallow goo into the pan, sprinkled 3/4 of a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips on top, added the other half of marshmallow goo, and then sprinkled the remaining 1/4 bag of chips then took a knife and swirled it through the goo to mix the chips in a bit.

Now I haven't had the chance to roast one of these bad boys yet. I am slightly concerned that some of the chips on the side or surface will melt and just drip off, but even if that does happen, there will be more inside getting melty and warm. I can't wait to try this!!! I'll post pictures and tell you how they were roasted over a fire when we try it this Saturday night.

I must say that even un-roasted these are AWESOME! I love how soft they are yet they hold their shape well and are still gooey, chewy sweet goodness. Also I love the vanilla flavor of them, it is stronger than the ones you buy from the store in such a lovely way! Plus crunchy bits of chocolate throughout... yuuuuuum. Enough said ;)

Edited to add... I couldn't wait for the bonfire so I stove roasted one the next day. The chocolate didn't drip, but my only complaint is that the marshmallow got a bit droopy as it roasted. I wish it had stayed a bit firmer because it wanted to slide off the fork. Wonder if adding more gelatin would help with that or not? The taste though... hands down the best roasted marshmallow I have EVER eaten!!!!


  1. Candiss, you do such a beautiful job of showing the process with the end result looking so delicious. Keep up the good blogging and cooking of course.

  2. Candiss, I think you're an evil genius for putting chocolate chips INSIDE a marshmallow. I think you're right that adding more gelatin will make them firmer, but I've never made marshmallows, so I can't be sure. So glad you posted your blog to my FB page!


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